About the Journey

I love to write. In my job, I write all the time. Procedures and manuals. I have written more than I can count, but there is not a lot of creativity in writing fall protection procedures. I love to write all kinds of genres as well. Stories, theology and poetry, I love to write them all. My love for writing came early but was never easy. Let’s be honest, I’ve never been very good at it. If it wasn’t for my beautiful wife, I wouldn’t be able to make it in seminary. As a kid, school came hard for me. I remember the first time I read the Bible, long before I knew anything about it. It was an old King James, that my father had. I started in Matthew. I would read a few verses, and then have to go back, and read them again, and again, and yet again. Then close the book in frustration. Why, because even though I read it several times, I could not grasp what that deep literature was saying. It wasn’t just the Bible either, it would be the same with most books I read. Then in the fifth grade, I was tasked with reading a very special book. “The Outsiders” by S.E.  Hinston. I don’t know why, but I could grasp that book. The story of Ponyboy coming up in a rough neighborhood and fighting with the Socs. It was then when I tried my hand at writing. After reading that book, I always had a running story in my head. That is how I fell asleep at night, continuing that story in my head. My parents had an old gateway computer. A PC the size of a dresser, or so it seemed to me. It must have been around 1992 or so, and I would fire it up, and wait to bring up word, and go to town writing a story. Day after day, hour after hour, I would write. It was a story about four characters and a wild adventure of earth shattering consequence. Honestly, that’s all I remember from it. I’m sure it was horrible, and I remember guys I grew with up laughing at the idea of me writing, but I never gave up on writing.

That is the basis of this blog. Journey to Calvary is an idea in my head, that becomes my playground. I have a dream that I will one day become a ministry that teaches God’s word in a way that everyone can understand it. Until then, I’m going to write whatever comes into my head and interests me. You might see Bible studies, some articles on theology and coffee. Most certainly reviews on coffee and whatever random thoughts are in my head. In everything I do, I want to determine what success is. If Journey to Calvary is successful, what does that look like in my head? To me, it would be, that a year from now, I’m still writing. Not for school, but for me. Writing Bible studies, articles on theology, poetry, and whatever might come up in my head. I would like God to use it, I would like to get readers and subscribers, but that is not how I’m going measure success.