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The Death Wish

The Death Wish

I said I like it dark, and I said I liked it strong. Let me take you the extreme. Death Wish was first introduced to me a few years ago by a friend who sent to it the Laymen’s Cup. When I came up with the idea to review coffee, I wanted these guys to be the first. They advertise as the “Strongest Coffee in the World.” They claim they are the most caffeinated coffee out there. Well, it’s been three days, and I’m sure I’ll sleep sometime soon.

I ordered Death Wish, the black bag. It was $20 for a pound and came in just two days. Get some here, Opening a bag of coffee is an experience. When that first smell hits you, it takes a moment to recover from the enjoyment. I’ve spent more time than I’ve should smelling a fresh bag of java. When you crack open the bag the aroma of coffee hits you immediately. I always order the whole bean, and the look of them tells you a lot about the coffee. These were dark and oily. That tells me they roasted these beauties until they hit the second crack stage in roasting. This roast isn’t for everyone; it is only for those who enjoy sipping black gold, and truly enjoy the taste of a cup of joe.

I prepare my luscious beans two ways. One is putting the pressure on, through 15 bars of pressure until you squeeze the crema out of the brew. Every night I make my version of an Americano. Two espresso shots, with one shot of water. This brand made the perfect cup. There was a thick layer of crema, you know the foam on top of an espresso. It was a smooth cup with a bold flavor. When you roast coffee like this, you know, dark as a cold heart, there are no back notes of blueberry or roses, nope, the flavor was pure unadulterated coffee. You felt it going down, and it did not take long for the caffeine to kick in. Again, three days in, how long can a man go without sleep?

The second way is to gently let it steep for twelve hours until what is left resembles the concentrate of the blackest ink you have ever seen. The recipe is something like this. One cup of coarsely ground coffee, to three cups of cold water, then let it sit for twelve hours. Store it in a closed container, and refrigerate. I like to put some milk, or half and half in mine. It’s a pure concentrate designed to put water in it. Some do, I put a dash of milk, and enjoy. Again, this is a great way to enjoy this coffee. If you like strong coffee, then please do yourself a favor and go get some.

What type of person would drink Death Wish? A Matt would. Everyone has a Matt in their lives, and if you are smart, you will appreciate them. Matt is the type of person who takes everything to the extreme. He is the type of person, who, when you give him three mammoth jalapenos, will immediately juice them. Then down the liquid lava. Why, because he can. Then allow his friends to enjoy the laugh as he tells the story of the miserable next day of his life. If Matt was a coffee, he would be Death Wish. While he might be the craziest person you know, having you always worried what he is going to do in a crowd that will end up with both of you having a conference with the boys in blue, Matt is also the best guy you know. He is the type of person who would drop everything because you are on the side of the road at 3:30 in the morning. That is the best analogy I can give to describe Death Wish. Strong great coffee, but be ready for wild ride it will take you on.

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