It is Legal, But it is Not Lawful

Being a Laymen, I’ve had some unique opportunities. We’ve held a golf tournament, we’ve traveled to an event in Alabama, we’ve even been on different podcasts. One of the most exciting events we attend is our local Pregnancy Care Center annual fundraising dinner. This is the second dinner we have had the pleasure of attending.

Last night, Star Parker was the guest speaker. Her testimony is incredible. She was enslaved by the welfare system, her words not mine, and had several abortions. She was saved by the grace of God and was educated. She now works in Washington to end abortion and the welfare system. Something she said kept ringing in my ear, she said: “it’s legal, but not lawful.” “It’s legal but not lawful.” This is so true. Abortion is legal. I can’t argue with this statement, but that doesn’t make it right.

Let me explain what I mean by that. By the onset of this country, slavery was a part of our heritage. For the first 90 years, it was legal. Generation after generation was forced into slavery that killed millions. Politicians argued that slavery was legal. It was in the constitution, but was it right? Men, women, and children were sold as items, and forced to work on plantations. Families were torn apart time and time again. We can all agree that it was, and will always be wrong to enslave another human being. Yet, the church stood idol as slavery was woven into the fabric of our society. It was legal, but was it lawful?

In 1933 a man was elected Chancellor of Germany. After some political maneuvering, he became the sole heir of power in Germany. He thought that to strengthen the power of his nation he should rid his country of Jews. He slowly passed laws that isolated them. A slow fade of morality allowed this to happen until the hatred of a people was accepted into the fabric of that society. Jews were loaded on to dark, damp trains and carried off to concentration camps. They were told if the worked hard in those camps they would earn their freedom. They worked themselves into starvation. Then, in a group of hundreds, man, woman, son and daughter were herded into a large “shower rooms.” In there, they would eagerly huddle round shower heads hoping to get the first bit of clean water they’ve seen in months. Naked, waiting, gas poured out of those heads instead of water, and millions died. It was legal, but was it lawful?

Legend has it that as those trains ran down the track, it would pass by churches. Christian churches. The people in those churches could hear the cries of help. Those people, those Christian people, were told to “sing a little louder.” It was not a song praise, is was a song of avoidance. I’m not going to sing a song of avoidance any longer.

500 million of our taxpayer dollars are given to Planned Parenthood every year. Dr. Bruce Ashford, provost at Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary and Fox News Columnist, once said if we are to end abortion, we have to support our local Pregnancy Centers. Ones that actually educate women, and provide real support. Imagine if that $500 million went to the states to support foster care and adoption agencies. What can North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina do with an extra $10 million in its orphan care system? What if a portion of that money went to pregnancy care centers that care for the woman and child? If the woman is given life as a viable option? Then we would not need abortions mills.

One of the critics of the left that really gets under my skin is that we are accused of not being pro-life we are pro-birth, and that we care nothing about that woman or child. Even if that were true, at least that child has life and is not murdered before it can take a breath. But that argument is furthest from the truth. Our local pregnancy center cares for the woman, child and father. They provide for the woman’s needs, get her the care she needs while she is pregnant, and educates her on how to take care of her child. They also give her what she needs after the baby is born, and she can stay in the program for up to two years after the birth of the child. If the mother chooses abortion, they are there to counsel her afterward.

Personally, I choose to fight through adoption. My family choose to adopt through a Christian Agency. We will provide for the woman’s medical needs and support her and take this child as our own. What is most important, this woman will hear the Gospel. Do not throw this garbage out that we are not Pro-Life, we actually care about the person, the mother, and child.

The abortion industry is not pro-life or pro-choice. They are pro-death because that equates to dollar signs. When a woman is faced with the decision to abort, they are attempting to avoid a consequence. A baby is a beautiful consequence of sex. It is a chance every time a man has sex with a woman. When you attempt to avoid a consequence, it only makes it worse. What do I mean by worse? The consequence of ending a pregnancy is death. A life must die for that woman to avoid the consequence of sex. Death is not the only consequence. That woman’s body is damaged, she will feel guilt and shame. She will have to live with this consequence for the rest of her life. There is hope though, and for women who have gone for an abortion, I urge you to find some help in counseling with a Christian Counselor.

You might argue that having the child will also be a consequence for the rest of her life. Yes, but let me say this, the most unselfish act is when a woman gives her child up for adoption. There is not a single act on the planet that demonstrates love more, than when a mom is willing to give her child up for adoption to parents who are able to love that child as their own. When a mom does this, she takes a consequence and turns it into a blessing, for her, for the parents, and especially for the child.

It is legal, but it not lawful. Abortion is legal, and the war wages on to end it. We will fight on all fronts, and we will be relentless in our pursuit to end this unlawful act. We will also do everything we can to provide life as viable option for the mother who is faced with a crisis. We strive to provide a home for the child, support of mother, and above all, we will demonstrate to love of Christ.

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